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10+ Most Trending WhatsApp Tips And Tricks 2019

New 2019 Whats app secret technity

First of all, some tips from whatsapp are shared with you, which is very important for you to know. When using whatsapp you will never have tried to know its features. When I was new on Whatsapp, I rarely opened its setting. But if you know them then using Whatsapp becomes very interesting. So let’s know some of Whatsapp’s Interesting Tips.



This is a big interesting option on Whatsapp. Whenever you open a profile of your friend, you will see that it will be written at the topmost Last seen 1:30 am, so you know when your friend came to you. 

But sometimes you will not see a friend’s last seen. That’s because he has hidden his last seen . Friends, many times we want to know that nobody came to know that we came online today. On that day we can use this option.

Last seen to hide you have to follow some interaction 

Open whatsapp → Go to Setting → click on account → click on privacy →select last seen → select Nobody and Done

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OFF YOUR AUTO DOWNLOAD MODE [Auto download mode off]

If your photos, video, gif, audio are downloaded on your whatsapp without downloading it, then it means. Your auto download mode is on. Due to its on-going, our data becomes useless. Just follow these instructions to turn off your Auto download mode.

go on whatsapp → click on setting → click on data usage → select when using mobile data → Remove all tick → click on OK

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Some of us are very personal to contect on Whatsapp. From whom we chate for some more time. So at such a condition, we can use this option to put that content on the home screen of your mobile, after which we can open the message without sending the message directly to them. Follow some of its instructions to bring your favorite contect to the Home screen.

Go on whatsapp → long press on contect →click on setting → click on add chat shortcut → and Done

You will now see that the Contect number will show on your phone’s home screen.

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Many times we like some messages from the Whatsapp group, and we want them to fall frequently. So in such a way, we can star those massages and put them in our favorite list.After which whenever we feel we can easily get them from there. How to star favorite massage? Follow some instructions for this.

Go on whatsapp → long press on your favorite msg → click on star logo

If you want to get them staring at Msg then you can click on Starred massage to get your favorit messages.

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With the help of this option, you can add the reply of any of your friends to the same message. Friends, you can easily reply to your friend, but if you want to reply to a single person’s message on any of your groups, then you can use this option over there. 
Follow the instructions below for this.

To go to Whatsapp → To reply to the message, long press on it → Now click on the reply option → type your msg and click on the send button.

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SEND A MSG TO ALL IN ONE TIME [Send a message to everyone simultaneously. ]

If you have to send a message to all your Whatsapp contect you will send that message one by one – one by one. But if you follow this tip, you can send all the contect msg msgs together. That will save you a lot of time.

Click on the option to go to Whatsapp → click on → click on new broadcast → select contect → and click on right.

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Now if you send any msg on this broadcast then it will be sent to every number you choose.


How to Hide Blue Tick in Whatsapp?

When your friend receives your message, you may have noticed, the shine of Blue Tick comes forward to that message. From which you know, your friend is watching your message. But sometimes we do not want any reason to know that he is getting his message. So, this tip comes in a big way. Blue tick hide below to see the interaction.

Open Whatsapp → Setting Open → Click on Privacy → Now you will see at the bottom one will read Read Receipt → Click to delete it will be → Your Blue Tick Hide.

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Let’s get it, some tips from Whatsapp now tell you some popular whatsapp tricks.



Use 2 whatsapp/Dual Whatsapps in one phone [Using two whatsapp on a mobile]

Many people, when they hear about it, do not believe it completely, they say, that it is impossible. I have to say to all of them, that in today’s time nothing is impossible. Two whatsapp can be run on a mobile. And on Nayaseekhon I wrote a full post on it. You can get it from here.

Use 2 whatsapp in one android phone [Make two WhatsApp accounts on one phone]


Whatsapp hacking tricks

According to me, this is the best tricks. Because you also would like to see someone hack whatsapp account hack. So for this I have already written a post, you can get it easily from here.


Secure your whatsapp account

You may know how to hack Whatsapp. But what is the most important thing is that how can we protect it so that it can be prevented from hacking. So I have brought a trick to this, which you have to follow carefully. And believe that after that there will be no threat to your Whatsapp account. The most important thing is that for this you will not need any other Sucurity App.

For Whatsapp Sucurity, first open the APP of whatsapp on your phone. Now follow the instructions given below.

Click on Whatsapp Setting → Click on Account → Now click on two step verification → Now enable Setting → Enter a Sucurity password → Enter Repeat to confirm the sucurity password → Add your email now → confirm email → Now your Click on the double step verification will be done → click Done.

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whats hacks tricks

Now whenever you open your whatsapp, it will ask you for your password. The special thing is that it will not stop until you disable it.


Change your older number

Through this trick, we can change our old whatsapp number. Many times our old number stops due to some reason. So at such condition we can replace our old number with new number. Follow the interaction below to replace the old number with a new number.

To open Whatsapp → Click on Setting → Click on Account → Click on the option of Change number → Now enter your old number and click on the new number below and click on Done. Take your place, whatsapp number change Now move on to the next trick.

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Add background image

If you want to make Whatsapp a bit more interesting You can add a background image to it, which will make it a bit more fun for you to chat on Whatsapp. Follow the interaction below to add a background image to Whatsaap.

Open Whatsapp → Now go to Settings → Click on Chats option → Click on → Wallpaper option → select your favorite image from the gallery → and click on SET. Your background image will be uploaded.

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Change your friends profile picture

Yes, you can change the profile picture of any of your any WhatsApp member, according to your mind, you can also call it a method of prank. With this help you can prank any of your friends and feel your trick iron. To change any profile, first you have to open that friend’s profile photo. Carefully fall in some interaction now

Open the SD Card → Now click on the Whatsapp folder → Click on Whatsapp profile photos

Now you will see your Friends profile picture on this folder. The friend profile of any friend you want to change. Copy the Rename of that photo. Now you have to change your friend’s profile from any new image. Delete the Rename of that Image and paste the friend’s profile’s rename in its place. Copy and copy that new image to the whatsapp Profile picture folder (the folder on which your friend’s Whatsapp profile photo is to paste on the same folder.)

Now open Whatsapp again → open the same friend’s profile → Refresh now → You will see that the Friend’s Profile has been changed.

When your friend sees it, he will also salute you for this trick.

BONUS Tips & TRICKs 2019

Let’s go learn a bonus trick too. It Whatsapp the new feature which lets your friends can Whatsapp Sticker Send this post to learn how replies friends Whatsapp sticker? Lying

So this was some of the Whatsapp tips and tricks that you can use to increase your Whatsapp experience several times.


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