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5 Tips for Finding a Freelancer You Can Trust

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Those who are just beginning to dip their toes into the freelancer market might be surprised at the variety, talent, and expertise present in the pool. And this comes as no surprise, considering that for a huge chunk of the burgeoning workforce of global freelancers, the model does afford them the work-life balance and career growth opportunities that they can’t usually acquire from a typical 9-to-5.

One demographic that’s made a name for itself in recent years is that of the Filipino freelancer. Filipino freelancers often haunt freelance job marketplaces like Smalljobs.ph in order to professionally meet clients and to secure independent contracts for services they can provide, which include web design, videography, photography, translation, transcription, content development, and virtual assistance, just to name a few.

There is a definite advantage to hiring Filipinos to complete such tasks, as many freelancers from this rapidly developing Southeast Asian country are notably friendly, accommodating, creative, professional, and proficient English speakers. Often, it’s all a matter of finding the right people who are a good match to your job requirements and company culture.

Are you currently testing the waters of the Philippine freelance marketplace and don’t know whom among the many credentialed talents will be the ideal choice for your team? To aid you in your search, here’s a list of five tips for finding the most trustworthy, credible, and productive Philippine freelancer to have in your company.

Discuss the screening process with your team then launch the search on your chosen platform

The first thing you will need to do is to hammer out the particulars of the screening process for the freelance work you need to be completed. Meet with your staff and consolidate a job advertisement that discusses all the necessary expectations, timelines, rates, and skills needed. You may even opt to make a practice test that eligible freelancers can take to prove their skills.

Take note of who responds properly to your proposal

Once you’ve posted the ad, wait for bids to come in. The responses to your ad will serve as pretty good indicators of who’s the right fit—i.e., who followed your instructions, whose skills align with those you require, and whose rates are similarly matched to what you can afford. If a Filipino freelancer has responded to the job call properly, then they’re ready to be surveyed by you for the next step.  

Verify the freelancer’s profile

It is also important to examine the information from the freelancer’s user profile, their resume, or the data they shared regarding their previous work experiences. Go to their profile and check for any certifications or awards that prove their expertise, as well as sample works, accomplishment reports, or testimonials from previous clients or employers. This provides you with a means to inspect their professional background as well as determine their experience doing work for companies or clients that are similar to your business.

Hold an interview via voice or video call

Once you’ve narrowed down a short list of two to three candidates, invite them to do a voice or video call over Skype. Pay attention to the Filipino freelancers who can quickly adjust to time zone issues, receive your call in a timely manner, and talk to you in a polite, but confident tone. You can take this opportunity to ask them deeper questions that fall outside of the initial screening, such as about their favorite personality traits, what core skills they assume are needed to get the job done (thus allowing you to gauge whether they align with your own vision of what skills a good employee must possess), and how they’ll be able to overcome the unique challenges of working with you (thus indicating their adaptability and capacity to think outside the box).

Beware of “superhero freelancer” personalities

Admittedly, the freelance job market can get very competitive. Some freelancers can advertise themselves a little too aggressively, and they’ll boast to you that they can handle every single aspect of the job. If they don’t have the evidence to back it up, stay away from these larger-than-life personalities. Instead, choose the freelancer who has a realistic perspective about their own capabilities and exudes honesty and humility when discussing the expectations with you. Off the bat, this is the kind of Filipino freelancer who will be a pleasure to work with.

If anything, be ready for a surprisingly good outcome. Freelancing is a large pond of opportunity, with much big fish swimming around for the best spot. With these five tips in place, you’re more or less assured of a quality catch and a means of continuing the good work that you need to do!


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