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“Avengers 4”: Possible leak shows how Thanos can be defeated

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An alleged leak describes the first half of the storyline of “Avengers 4: Endgame”. Does he reveal the plan of the Marvel heroes for the great fight against Thanos? Read more at your own risk!

The Reddit thread describes the action of the first and second act of ” Avengers: Endgame ” with a new alleged leap strikingly detailed and dramaturgically conclusive . We want to show you the key points that describe the plan for the all-important battle of the Avengers against the crazy titan Thanos.

After the remaining Marvel heroes get acquainted with new entry Captain Marvel, the team around the re-earthed Tony Stark finds useful information: Carol’s energy radiates as strongly as that of an Infinity stone; What’s more, Bruce finds out with some scans that Captain Marvel himself is an almost identical replica of an Infinity stone.

Avengers 4 Leaked footage
Avengers EndGame 4 Leaked Footage

Earlier, Ant-Man had already told the Avengers of his breakthrough in the Quantum Realm: he’s convinced the heroes could travel back in time to change the past and stop Thanos. Tony Stark’s plan of plans matures: Equipped with the right technology, he wants to find and copy the real infinity stones in the past. Thus, the Avengers could reverse the flipper of Thanos by its own means.

Thanos feels the endgame of the Avengers – and attacks

The Avengers’ plan leads them in groups to New York – during the battle against the Chitauri there were space stone and thought stone in one place – and to Knowhere, where once the Stone of Power and the Reality Stone simultaneously lingered. But as the Avengers copy the infinity stones in the past, the Infinity stones of the present awaken in Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet.

It dawns on the Titan: “Strong,” he says only before he sets off. When the Avengers are gathered back from headquarters after their time travel from the Quantum Realm, Thanos attacks a horde of outriders. Wong succeeds in temporarily imprisoning Thanos in a parallel dimension to give the Avengers time to search for the Soulstone and the Timeline.

The story goes on in the alleged leak, but we think it seems dramatically plausible. That time travel in “Avengers: Endgame” play a central role, should now be known. But how do the Avengers want to take possession of the infinity stones without altering the entire course of their history? But when they copy the stones, they can quickly travel back in time without causing too many events. After all, the Marvel heroes do not want to end up like Marty McFly in “Back to the Future 2”.

"Avengers 4": Possible leak shows how Thanos can be defeated 1

The biggest sticking point should be in this leak: How to copy the almost incredible power of the infinity stones? Captain Marvel could come into play here. If a person can absorb and transmit the power of the stones, why not a technology? According to the leak, the Avengers travel to Wakanda, among other places, where they benefit from Shuri’s recordings. The sister of the Black Panther eventually worked on “Vision Stone” in “Infinity War” and could have useful information about its nature. And indeed, a video suggested that Robert Downey Jr. was shooting a set representing Wakanda in Avengers: Endgame.

With which technology exactly Stark wants to copy the infinity stones, is meanwhile unclear. Maybe his invention, BARF, which was established in “The First Avenger: Civil War” could come into play here. On set photos for “Avengers: Endgame” this technology was actually seen again. So far, the technique could only be reminiscing, but maybe Tony can modify it so that it can actually copy and play even the energy of the infinity stones.

Whether all this actually occurs remains to be seen. The Leak elegantly solves some problems and merges several existing clues about “Avengers: Endgame”. Maybe only a smart fan has thought about the MCU blockbuster. We’ll have to wait until the theatrical release of “Avengers 4: Endgame” on April 25 to find out.

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