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Download Torrent Files with UNLIMITED SPEED

Are you looking for free cloud torrenting services like that offer free services? is the best platform for this.

There are so many different choices out there when you are searching for the unlimited speed for downloading the torrent file. All have different features and capabilities. Choosing the best of them is really a difficult task, so here is the best option for you while you downloading the torrent file at Hight Speed.

Technity provides you the best option for this which is known as Bitport.

Why a standard torrent downloading

  • You have to download files on your computer
  • Slow internet connection, slow download speed
  • Privacy
  • User Safety
  • Easy of use Download Torrent File in SECONDS 1

First and foremost, to use a torrent downloading software, you have to have installed the software on your computer. With a cloud-based platform like Bitport, there is no installation whatsoever. Everything is done in the browser of any device.

Best way to Deal With Slow Internet, While Downloading Torrent Files?

While downloading heavy files with torrent speed is the main issue due to your slow internet connection. So, When your internet-connection is slow, then automatically your downloading speed will be very slow. With you do not have to worry about your internet speed. Also, It downloads at a much higher speed than through any internet connection.

Using a torrent software, your IP is visible to everyone and privacy is non-existent. On a cloud downloader, your IP address is in no way involved in the torrenting process. Everything is done on Bitport’s servers which are SSL encrypted. This way, you are completely secure and anonymous while downloading torrents.

So what we can do?

There are lot of software are available in market. but, the bitport’ has the lot of benefits and features of a cloud torrent down-loader outweigh normal torrent downloading programs.

How to use –

Two Basic steps :

  1. Copy torrent link (Ctrl + C)
  2. Paste the link in Bitport (Ctrl + V) Download Torrent File in SECONDS 2 Download Torrent File in SECONDS 3

Android App



Price: Free 

Features of

  • Watch Torrent on your Smart TV
  • Download Torrents on your Playstation and Xbox
  • Save your torrents directly to Google Drive.
  • Stream torrents on your iPad and iPhones.
  • Stream torrents on your Chromebook
  • Watch Torrents with Apple TV


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