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What is Netflix?

Netflix is a site for on-demand streaming of thousands of TV-shows and movies. Netflix essentially functions as a cinematic parallel to Spotify. While Spotify allows everyone to stream music free of charge, Netflix requires the user to pay a monthly subscription in order to enjoy their vast amount of cinematic entertainment.

Admittedly there exists a large array of different on-demand movie streaming services such as HBO, ViaPlay etc. However, even though the competition is great, Netflix is without a doubt the market leader and the preferred choice of the masses. Their massive success cannot be attributed to a single factor, however the fact that they clearly offer the largest library of movies and TV-shows is indeed a huge part of their success.

Another factor which shouldn’t be disregarded is the fact that they by far are the cheapest movie streaming service. While HBO charges 15$ per month, Netflix only charges a measly 7.99$. This vast difference, combined with their impressive movie library are clearly the dominating factors to their success.

Custom content

While Netflix, like any other streaming service, pay a license fee to the producers of the movies they offer they have went even further and actively create their own movies and TV-shows.

This shows that custom content is not a privilege exclusive to HBO. Netflix have published a wide amount of quality content, created by themselves and published only on their own streaming service (of course).

Below are a few of their more noteworthy creations:

  • BoJack Horseman – A hilarious TV-show about a horse, experiencing a constant stream of hangover and annoying friends. If you’re into TV shows such as the Simpsons and Family Guy then this is a must-watch.
  • House of Cards – The TV drama about an uprising politician and wife who, as they climb the cooporate ladder, will stop at nothing in their way.
  • Marco Polo
  • Marvel’s Daredevil
  • Narcos

These are just some of the movies and TV-shows which Netflix offer to its subscribers. Once you log in you will be presented with thousands of hours of entertainment.

In conslusion of this chapter, there is no reason why the company should not be around in the future. They started strong and are getting even stronger every day.

Getting started

If you haven’t signed up yet then you’re missing out on some great entertainment.

Signing up couldn’t be easier! Simply head to and enter your email and password and you are good to go. When you sign up you even get a month for free, therefore if you cancel your subscription before the next month you will essentially have obtained a free Netflix account for a month. Sounds like a sweet deal don’t it?

Now that you have created an account you can access Netflix through virtually any media. Whether you have a computer, a smart-phone, a smart-TV, a gaming console, a tablet or even ChromeCast you will be able to access your account with ease.

If you’re on a smart-phone (Apple, Android or Windows) you will without a doubt with the Netflix app, ready to download for free in the App-store. Seeing as you already have created a Netflix account, all you need to do is to install the software on your device, run it, sign in to your Netflix account and you’ll be good to go.

If you have an economical mindset and want to save money on your subscription then get together a couple of friends or family members and share a larger subscription. While the larger subscriptions cost more they do allow more people to use Netflix at once, meaning that you will save money in the long run.

One thing to keep in mind is the fact that streaming movies consumes a lot of network bandwidth. This means that in order to fully enjoy your subscription you will need a fairly good internet connection to stream movies at an acceptable quality. Therefore you have to make sure that your current ISP subscription can handle streaming movies. If not then you will have signed up in vain as you will not be able to enjoy the content at all.

Looking for a free Netflix account?

Chances are that you’re in the uncomfortable situation where you possess the desire to watch movies but don’t have the credit card needed to sign up for a free 30-day trial Netflix account.

The thing is, you can not purchase a Netflix account like you’d purchase a bunch of grapes at the local grocery store. While this at first might seem like a terrible situation, fear not, we have the solution to your problem.

As a matter of fact we are willing to provide you with a free Netflix account and password with no strings attached (after all, wasn’t this the very reason you visited out site?).

So go ahead and follow the instructions on our site and you will have your free account in no time!