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Technical Tips that Make You More Productive

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Gadget desk The new financial year has started, and this is the time to gather in the work with full zeal. Learn how can technology be made more productive-

Multiple desktop

  • Now almost all operating systems support multiple desktops. It’s convenient to set up many monitors on the same desktop. Bring the two gadgets or computers to the same system, bring them to the same system, save energy and time and the cost of two systems will also be spared.

Voice dictation

  • It is easier to speak and work, only then will you realize that when you start using voice dictation on your computer. Voice dictation is also available on Google Docs on the web, where typing can be typed faster than typing. You also need to know about seri and Google Assistant which tasks can be done by them. The responsibilities of email and text messages can be given at least to them. This way the work will be doubly fast. 

New keyboard shortcuts

  • Learning the new shortcuts of the keyboard should be a continuous process. These work is easy, it happens even faster. In a short time clicking the menu with the mouse will make you feel like a waste of time. On Windows, you can also create your own shortcuts. Do not limit yourself to copy-paste shortcuts. 

Reset and restart

  • Freedom from digital waste is essential. For years, the gadgets are used simply by use, the idea of ​​resetting does not come up. If the thought comes then it seems to be a hassle, while it is not so. The difference in the speed of resetting and restarting apps and devices, is really effective. Many times the once used games also store for months, get rid of them. Do not forget to back up the data before reset. 

Stop the Notifications

  • Reduce the number of notifications drastically … not just by phone, but also desktop and other gadgets. Are there any apps or websites that can be allowed such that they never disturb you? Use the new “Do Not Disturb” FEATURES on Android and IOS. With this, the chatting app can also be quieted. Alerts can only be received from the mails in the primary folder. 


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